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The Czech Dance Association, in collaboration with the Theatre J. K. Tyl in Pilsen, City Pilsen with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Czech Literary Fund and the Artist Life Foundation, within the Czech national ballet competition, declares herewith the open performing part of the competition as the
to take place from December 6 to 9, 2018 in New Theatre in Pilsen, and establishes the following competition conditions:

Article I. – General provisions
1. Professional dance artists and students of conservatories and dance schools of all states and nationalities can participate in the competition, providing fulfilling at least 14 years of age and not exceeding 25 years of age in the calendar year of the competition.
2. The competition has two categories:
Category A Senior – for dance artists who are active in professional ballet and dance ensembles (upper limit 25 years of age);
Category B Junior – for students of conservatories and dance schools accredited for the education of professional dance artists (lower limit 14 years of age).
3. The participants may compete as individuals or pairs. Each participant will be evaluated independently. In both competition categories, a partner hors concourse may also take part.
4. Only an adept may participate who has submitted a duly filled-in application and a receipt of having paid the competition fee. By submitting his/her application the participant agrees to observe the conditions of the competition; in case of violating these rules she/he can be disqualified.
5. Those who were awarded first prizes in the previous years may not participate in the same category.
6. The participants shall ensure the copyright for new works or choreographies that are subject to the protection of authorship rights.

Article II. – Organization of competition
1. The competition has two rounds and terminates by the Final Concert of the Laureates.
2. Category A – Senior:
– 1st round
the competitor will perform two variations of the classical ballet or pas de deux heritage selected from the attached list of repertory and one contemporary choreography (the time limit is 3 minutes);
– 2nd round
the competitor will perform
a) two variations, or
b) one pas de deux from the classical repertory (19 – 20 century) according to own choice,
c) or one contemporary choreography, solo or duet ( the time limit is 6 min.).
3. Category B – Junior:
The competition within this category consists of one outsorting/elimination round and two competition rounds.
– the elimination round:
the competitors will dance one classical variation from their own repertoire. The presentation of this variation will take place in a ballet studio, in the training dress with the attendance of the jury experts. The elimination round is not public.
– 1st round
the competitor will perform one variation of the classical ballet heritage selected from the attached list of the repertory and one contemporary choreography (the time limit is 2 min);
– 2nd round
the competitor will perform
a) two variations (the competitors of 14-16 years may repeat their variation from the 1st round), or
b) one pas de deux from the classical repertory (19 – 20 century) according to own choice, or
c) one contemporary choreography ( time limit is 6 min.).
In this round the participants select one of the options a), or b), or c) and may not repeat their repertory, with the exception as above.
4. The elimination round takes place in a ballet studio with the following dress code – the girls a body tricot, a training dress of pastel colour without sleeves, the boys a light colour tricot and a jersey sleeveless. Not observing this code may be punished with disqualification.
The 1st round for both categories takes place at the stage – category A in shapes, category B in the prescribed training dress, with basic lighting – this applies for classic repertory as well as for contemporary choreography, categories A and B.
The 2nd round takes place at the stage, in shapes and with lighting according to the requirements of the competitors.
5. The order of performing competitors will be determined by ballot that will take place before the commencement of the competition. The number of the female partner is decisive for a duet performance. If the participant cannot draw the lots personally an appointed organisational assistant of the competition will draw the lot in his/her place. The break between the performances of the competitors shall be at least 15 minutes. The competition terminates by ceremonial awarding of prizes and the final concert of laureates.

Article III. – Application
1. The application of a competitor shall comprise:
a) The first name and family name, date of birth (documented by a copy of the identity card or birth certificate), address and place of activity (students: name of the school, school year or semester of the study)
b) Names of the compositions, authors and choreographers of the chosen repertory for the 1st and 2nd round of the competition. Exact duration of the performance for contemporary choreographies
c) Short artistic curriculum vitae, one portrait digital photography and two dance performance photographs or by post (9x13 cm)
d) Name of the partner participating beyond the competition
e) Receipt of the participation fee (IBAN: CZ10 0100 0000 0000 0793 4201, BIC/SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX, please note your name).
2. The competitor will ensure:
a) a pianist or a musical record of the competition compositions in the required quality and a required medium – CD (separate and describe each record),
b) the prescribed training suit, shape and shoes.

Article IV. – Jury
1. The competition will be evaluated by an international jury consisting of at least five members; there may be also more jurors, but always an odd number. The jury consists of professional artists, pedagogues, choreographers, and theoreticians. The chairman and other members of the jury will be appointed by the Council of Dance Association, following a proposal of the preparatory committee of the competition.
2. The jury evaluates professional pre-requisites, the technique, the artistic expression, individual and creative relationship to the chosen repertory of the competitor.
3. The maximum number of scoring points for a competitor in one round is 20.
Ten attendants of category A and ten attendants of category B having achieved the highest number of scores in the 1st round will continue to the 2nd round of the competition. In case of equal scores the assessment of the chairman of the jury is decisive. The relative representation of participants in category A and B can be unmatched in the 2nd round, if the jury agrees so. The final ranking of competitors is determined by the average of the score count from both rounds.
The participants of category B in the elimination round are not evaluated by scores but by verbal assessment: SUCCEEDED – NOT SUCCEEDED. All other evaluations as above.
4. There is no appeal against the decision of the jury.
5. The work of the jury ends by declaring the results.
Article V. – Awards
1. The jury grants the following prizes and awards:
a) Grand Prix – prize for the absolute winner
b) 1st.- 3rd prize in category A – separately for female and male competitors
(1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize)
1st – 3rd prize in category B – separately for female and male competitors
(1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, in kind)
c) 4th place and 5th place – Honorary award
d) Bonuses for contemporary choreography
e) Bonus for partnership co-operation
f) Bonus for the most individualised achievement
2. Based upon the decision of the jury, the competitors can be granted also further prizes, bonuses, scholarships, etc. from professional associations, foundations, businesses and individuals.
Financial premium will be announce before competition.
3. The holders of Grand Prix and 1st – 3rd prizes in category A and B will be bestowed the title of Competition Laureate.
4. The jury is entitled not to award some of the prizes and bonuses; if the evaluation is equal, the prizes and bonuses can be split.
5. The competitors will not be compensated for their performance in addition to the awarded prizes. They also resign from remuneration for recordings and possible TV broadcasting in the course of the competition and the final concert of the winners.

Article VI. – Financial conditions
1. The participants cover their travel and subsistence costs themselves, or possibly their sending organization will arrange that. TS ČR covers the accommodation for partners hors concourse, pedagogues, choreographers and tutors who participate in the competition with a duly registered participant. The organizational committee may ensure accommodation and further services for participants under favourable conditions. Before the opening session of the competition, the foreign participants shall submit a document on health care and injury insurances valid for the time of the competition.
3. Participation fee for Czech competitors and foreign citizens with a long-term stay permit on the territory of the Czech Republic is 400,- CZK for category A and 200,- CZK for category B, the fee for foreign participants is 50,- EUR.
The participation fee will not be returned.